JTEKT To Exhibit At Auto Expo In New Delhi 2012

  • 23/09/2012

    December 28, 2011


    Nagoya, Japan, December 28, 2011

    JTEKT CORPORATION (JTEKT; Nagoya, Japan; President: Shoji Ikawa) is pleased to announce that we are going to exhibit Auto Expo in New Delhi 2012, which to be held from January 5 to January 11, 2012.

    【1. The theme】
     JTEKT knows every road in the world –leading your life with fuel-efficient and driving-
    The transparent automobile models to be exhibited, and we offer solutions for ecology to increase fuel-efficiency as module units. Moreover, to support “Environment, Safety and Comfort”, we offer leading-edge solutions of EPS, Bearings, Driveline components and Machine tools. 
    We also introduce our business in India.
    On Exhibit
    【3. Our Booth # 】
    HALL 6D No.35